iOS Swift Basics Swift Types Recap: Swift Types

Cody Williams
Cody Williams
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What am I doing wrong?

How is this code not correct?

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let firstValue: Int = 2
let secondValue: Int = 6
let product: Int = firstValue * secondValue
let output: String = "The product of \(firstValue) and \(secondValue) is \(product)"

2 Answers

Check the output string. You have used and where you should have times.

Everything is correct with the exception of the value of your output string. It should read "The product of 2 times 6 is 12", however, your answer has it read "The product of 2 and 6 is 12". Also just so type inference is grasped as a fundamental concept in swift, your answer doesn't have to include the declaration of the type within each of your constants.

let firstValue = 2
let secondValue = 6
let product = firstValue * secondValue
let output = "The product of \(firstValue) times \(secondValue) is \(product)"