Ruby Ruby Loops Build a Simple Contact List Hash and Array Iteration

What am I doing wrong here?

It keeps saying no implicit conversion from String to Integer

contact_list = [
  {"name" => "Jason", "phone_number" => "123"},
  {"name" => "Nick", "phone_number" => "456"}

contact_list.each do |contact|
  puts "#{contact_list["name"]}"
  puts "#{contact_list["phone_number"]}"

2 Answers

Maciej Czuchnowski
Maciej Czuchnowski
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1) No need to convert anything into an integer (the .to_i method).

2) Inside the block, don't use the collection variable, but the local variable contact instead.

contact_list.each do |contact|
  puts "#{contact["name"]}"
  puts "#{contact["phone_number"]}"

Please re-watch the videos, experiment and make sure you understand this whole construct.

Thank you very much I will be doing some reviewing