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What am I trying to know in C#?

I used to study JavaScript in a website called "KhanAcademy", and when I saw the JavaScript here, the language was just different and I was so confused. So instead of learning JavaScript in Treehouse, I started learning C# because I've read that it's a good and powerful language that is good for 3D games, and that's what I want, creating a 3D game. So when I started learning I did not understand what was the console down, and why there is no drawing, because in KhanAcademy I used to draw my character and move it using programming. While here, the string is weird and the "int", and all. So I started to see the future videos and there is no drawings at all, I'm only memorizing new programming words, not knowing why are they used. My question is, What am I learning in C# for now and later? Thank You :)

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I know the course you're talking about on KhanAcademy, and I took that one. That course was using JavaScript code in order to draw and make animations, but that's not all that JavaScript is used for. It's a big vague to say, but both JavaScript and C# can be used to do...well, just about whatever you want! You can make games or quizzes or a contacts list or a media player. This is just the very introductory course to C#, just to get you familiar with very broad and basic concepts. Later courses will focus more on specific tasks.

Matti Mänty
Matti Mänty
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What do you mean there is no drawing? What did you used to draw over at KhanAcademy?

But yeah, if you're interested in 3D games, or games in general, then you've got two good choices. C# is being used in Unity game engine and C++ (and a node-based visual editor) is being used in Unreal Engine. In my opinion C# is simpler to understand, but also powerful enough to create amazing games, so that's the one I'm using.