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Matthew Main
Matthew Main
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What are the syntax rules following "require" in Ruby?

Earlier in this lesson, "time" is required in irb using the syntax:

    require 'time'

Here, "enumerable" is required inside a class using the syntax:

    require Enumerable

When do you need to require using the lower-case/single-quote syntax, and when do you need to use the title-case syntax?

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Daniel Cunningham
Daniel Cunningham
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In most cases, when you a requiring something into your ruby files, you'll be using single quotes. Enumerable is a module in Ruby Core, while Date is actually a class. Because Enumerable is a module and part of Ruby Core, it's gets some 'special treatment' when being required in the syntax. A lot of Gems that you will end up pulling will be 'required' using single quotes. <br> <br> <br>