PHP Using PHP with MySQL Limiting Records in SQL Queries Using LIMIT with Offset

sig rin
sig rin
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what are the variables positionStart and positionEnd? why didnt you show us how to define them?

where are they comming from???

Leigh Maher
Leigh Maher
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This was covered in a previous video. The controller code is located in the shirts.php page. Specifically, these few lines:

$start = (($current_page * $products_per_page) - $products_per_page) + 1;
$end = $current_page * $products_per_page;

You need to understand how how we get the current_page and products_per_page and these are located in the same file:

// this is how we get the $current_page variable
if (empty($_GET['pg'])) {
    $current_page = 1;
} else {
    $current_page = $_GET['pg'];

// this is how we get the $products_per_page variable
$products_per_page = 8;