Development Tools Introduction to Git First Commits First Commits

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What did I even watch I just got nuked with new information with rap speed every 15 seconds

Isn't the better approach to learn a few things at a time truly explaining it instead of giving information after information.

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Luc de Brouwer
Luc de Brouwer
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Git is something that for one person is easily understood in one or two videos. While for another person it may take some time to get it stuck in their head(s). For simplistic dev tools like git, I would personally say that the information in one video isn't too much to handle as git has a few basic commands that you need to learn and will keep using.

git init // create a git repo
git add // add files to the git repo to be able to version control on these files.
git commit // Commit changes to your local repo every day 
git push // Push changes to online repo when a function is finished or you leave your pc for a while
git pull  // Pull current repo from origin/master repo
git merge // Merge two files, eventually resolving conflicts between each file
Roger Hwang
Roger Hwang
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It's hard to put meaning behind all this without actually practicing it and seeing it in the wild, really. I still have a basic understanding of git add/commit after months of use and actually do it all in one step at the end before I push it up to github. I guess I'm not fully using its capability as a solo developer and just using it to save it to github, plain and simple, for now.