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What do you recommend?

I just finished intro HTML, CSS. Would you recommend Java next?

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Mike B. Ndimurukundo
Mike B. Ndimurukundo
Full Stack JavaScript Techdegree Student 1,160 Points

Hey Juan, It all depends with your goals and the kind of applications you want to be building when done. I may be wrong but I think Java is great if you're interested in either desktop applications/softwares or Android mobile. Am personally interested in Web & mobile development and just started Full Stack JavaScript and really enjoying it, all the best!

Learning HTML and CSS is not enough, maybe to create a static simple website but nothing serious. If you plan on pursuing a career in web development then take the web design track of front end development track. One is to design sites the other is to create client side web sites with functionality.

If you want to do something outside of web development then there is python,ruby,java,c#, ect but I would suggest you up your HTML skills and CSS skills more than the basics, again only if you plan to stay in web development.