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What does unresolved identifier mean?!

I’m positive I have done it right. I’ve rewatched the video several times and I don’t understand what’s wrong. I go to preview and it says unresolved identifier. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN AND HOW CAN I FIX IT?!?!

1 Answer

It would be super helpful if you posted your code, but to answer it: Unresolved Identifier means that Xcode doesn’t understand what your typing. An identifier means many things: Framework, function, variable, constant, property, or a class. An identifier is simply a name for a Framework, function, variable etc. And it being “Unresolved” means that it can’t find the identifier. So, make sure when you use a variable, that the name / identifier of the variable is the same as the name used to declare the variable, otherwise Xcode will show this error again. And this applies to all functions, classes etc.