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What is a modern browser?

I keep hearing this phrase in the course, and I'm not sure what it means. Is it everything besides older versions of IE?

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John Steer-Fowler
John Steer-Fowler
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I see modern browsers as being Web Browsers such as Chrome, Firefox etc. Some people do not see IE9 as a modern browser.

My idea of a modern browser most likely differs from the real definition. I found this quote on http://farukat.es/

A modern browser is any browser that: successfully renders a site that you just built using web standards, testing only in your browser of choice along the way, with all the essentials functioning well; without you having written any browser-specific hacks, forks or workarounds; and shows great performance as you navigate it.

Hi Hannah,

I guess a modern browser would be any browser that will successfully displays a website using the latest web standards.



Thank you!

No problem, hope one/both of our answers cleared it up!


As John Steer-Fowler pointed out generally "modern browser" refers to webkit-based browsers (Chrome and Safari) and newer versions of IE and Firefox. If you ever have questions about what browsers will support a CSS feature you can check out can i use which shows support for just about everything across a ton of different browser versions.

James Barnett
James Barnett
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I'm not a fan of the term as it is overly vague. If you mean Firefox 4 and up, IE 10 and up, Safari 5.1 and up and all versions of Chrome then you should say that. Or say versions of browsers published this year or later.