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What is device pixel ratio of 1 or 2?

I am taking the Stage 12 Quiz: Media Queries and I am having trouble progressing based on the following questions. Please advise, explain.

Question: If a device has a pixel-ratio of 2, then 1 CSS pixel is displayed as physical pixel(s) on screen.

Question: A device-pixel-ratio of 2 is equivalent to a resolution value of ?

I entered the answer of 192 to both questions but it is returning wrong. I thought I understood but I guess I do not.

I don't want to enter guesses I want to understand the information.


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Paul Yabsley
Paul Yabsley
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As they say in the video "The device pixel ratio is the ratio between a devices logical pixels and physical pixels". Newer phones have screens with hi-resolution screens. This means they pack double the amount of pixels into the same physical space.

The answer to the first question is 2 because 1 css pixel will be rendered on 2 physical pixels.

The answer to the second question is 192dpi because to estimate the resolution you multiply the device-pixel-ratio by 96. However be sure to include the dpi after 192 otherwise the question doesn't pass.