Python Python Basics (2015) Logic in Python Conditional Value

what is the mistake here?

it says task 1 not working
 admitted = None
    if age > 13 :
           admitted = bool(1)
    else :
           admitted = bool(0)

I take it task 1 is passing the challenge. In which case don't worry about it. It tells you that task 1 is no longer passing when it's not sure of what your problem is. Your problem is in your most recent bit of coding. So focus your attention there. Hope this helps, Nakal

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Ken Alger
Ken Alger
Treehouse Teacher


Check your indentation and the challenge is to check if age is greater than or equal to thirteen.


Dan Garrison
Dan Garrison
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It's the indenting. It will cause a syntax error the way it is set up right now. Also bool(1) and bool(0) work, but you could also just use True and False