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What is the purpose of ("> ") in the while loop?

Confused on the purpose of this string.

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Michael Miller
Michael Miller
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I know this is waay late, but I believe you are referring to the following code:

while True:
    print("Welcome to the dungeon!")
    print("You're currently in room {}") # fill with player position
    print("You can move {}") # fill with available moves
    print("Enter QUIT to quit.")

    move = input("> ")
    move = move.upper()

    if move == 'QUIT':

It helps to include the code but I'm pretty sure this is what concerned you, as I found it peculiar as well. The way the input() function works is, when written as input("insert text here"), the quoted text is printed as a prompt to get the desired input.

So, in the case of input("> "), the user will see:

and they are expected to plug in the desired input after that, followed by a return. This will record the input to the 'move' variable.

I hope that helps someone, at least.

Michael Miller
Michael Miller
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Hmmm... it seems "> " is coded to be a quote... that makes it a little tricky to show, here. Pretty much, though, the user will see the greater-than symbol and will be prompted to type after that. Whatever they type after that is recorded into the variable 'move' as soon as they hit the 'Enter' key.

Shawn Denham
Shawn Denham
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">" means greater than. so in a while loop is it usually used to evaluate a counter to keep you in the loop


Z = 10
while Z > 1:  #reads as while Z is greater than 1
    Z = Z-1  #can also be written as Z -= 1

As long as Z greater than 1 it will print the value of Z

hope that helps!


its basic dude