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what is this ??? i'm not able to understand please help me out...

what does it meas Craig Dennis you said it is a little trick i'm not able to understand it please help me ......

whats does Character.MAX_VALUE will return and whats does subSet method do please help me

uniqueLanguages.subSet("Java", "Java" + Character.MAX_VALUE);

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Craig Dennis
Craig Dennis
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A subset is a section of the collection that finds everything that starts with the first parameter and up until the second one. So here we are using Character.MAX_VALUE anything between A to Z (more or less there are more characters up in there, like smiley faces and icons).

That make sense?

Andre Kucharzyk
Andre Kucharzyk
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Sorry @Craig Dennis but I dont get it...

So what is the second parameter? Since the Character.MAX_VALUE = '?' then our second parameter is "Java?" ?