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General Discussion

Richard Nash
Richard Nash
24,862 Points

What is this long and strange file that appeared after I ran my sass watch?

Check out the pic below:

alt text

why did that file just appear... i cannot preview or delete it... kinda worries me a little bit...

...please help :-( ....

7 Answers

Richard Nash
Richard Nash
24,862 Points

argh! how do i get the picture to show up?!?

I fixed it for you. Next time drag the image into a tab of it own, then copy the image location.

Beyond me, but I was able to find a thread on stack overflow for you. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8192605/how-delete-nfs-in-linux

This link may also be helpful: http://serverfault.com/questions/201294/nfsxxxx-files-appearing-what-are-those

I'm thinking it's something to do with Workspaces itself. Maybe send an email to Support.

Is it still there if you close the Workspace?

Tommy Morgan, could you possibly know what's going on?

Richard Nash
Richard Nash
24,862 Points

Hi Ricardo Hill-Henry, I'm still having trouble getting images to work properly, so i obviously do not understand something about the process. I see that the markdown for images requires a


and then parenthesis for the image location. Are the alt text and the title necessary or can I simply do this:

!(location of image)

And also, I do not understand what you mean by dragging an image into it's own tab. I tried this two different ways and it still does not work. The first way was opening up it's dropbox url and then copying and pasting that url into a new tab and then copying and pasting the url in the tab into treehouse, which did not work. The second method i used was to grab the raw image file from my desktop and literally drop that into a tab in my browser and then copy that link and paste into treehouse. this also did not work for me.

If you wouldn't mind going through the process step by step for a newbie like myself I would be very grateful :-)

Thank you for your time,


What Ricardo was trying to say is that you have to get the exact URL for the photo. When you copy a link to a photo on Dropbox, it leads you to a page where the image is embedded. To get the exact URL, simply right click on the photo, and hit "Copy Image URL". If there isn't an option to "Copy Image URL", as there may not be on Dropbox, you can right click to the left of the image, "Inspect Element", and grab the link from there.

Edit: For an image, you're required to have the alt text, but a title is not required.

Richard Nash
Richard Nash
24,862 Points

would this be the url that you are referring to?


This is the url to an image, but this does not seem to work on the treehouse foam when I try to use it...

Yea, Dropbox doesn't play nice with forums apparently. That link leads to a Dropbox page where the image is embedded. Try changing www in that link to dl, or, get the exact URL the photo is placed at, which for that link, is:

https://photos-2.dropbox.com/t/1/AAA8J7zKuJrQTqDwHXmtjQcbgv8NQlFmE3btkVXHQ4sYLA/12/85028349/png/1024x768/3/1411776000/0/2/Screen%20Shot%202014-09-25%20at%2011.55.26%20PM.png/I5xAjn5QbF-5R1uRostoYyJKbfhBKSmBQaWuS623FCg. You can get that link by Inspecting the source of the page.

Lets test:

  1. Changing www to dl: alt text

  2. Using the source, obtained from inspecting the element: alt text

The second will definitely work, and I suspect the first one will to.

Richard Nash
Richard Nash
24,862 Points

ok, i get it now, and i was able to make it work. Dropbox puts the image in a sort of "shell" and then gives me the url of the shell and image inside of the shell. I was able to copy and paste the shell url into another tab and then right click the image to get the image only url with no shell url. i get it now :-)

Thank very much Ricardo Hill-Henry and Bryan H for your help in the matter. I'm slow but I'm getting faster :-)


Richard Nash
Richard Nash
24,862 Points

That file disappeared when I came back to that workspace the next day, and has not returned since.


Glad you figured out the image linking. That .nfsxxxx file may return, but don't worry about. Doesn't do any harm, and is of course only temporary.