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What is wrong here

This is for challenge task 1
## Examples
# to_string(datetime_object) => "24 September 2012"
# from_string("09/24/12 18:30", "%m/%d/%y %H:%M") => datetime
def to_string(datetime_object):
    return datetime.datetime.strftime('%d, %B, %Y')

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Mauricio Bernardo da Silva
Mauricio Bernardo da Silva
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Hey Aizah,

The parameter for your function is 'datetime_object', not just 'datetime' as referred in the body of the function. Also, no need to re-use 'datetime', as the object has been created already. Watch out for the commas on the string format as well! Challenge asked for no commas. ;)

This code below should work:

def to_string(datetime_object):
    return datetime_object.strftime('%d %B %Y')