HTML HTML Basics Images, Text and Links Text Level Elements Challenge

what is wrong in this

i have done the needed

<!DOCTYPE html> 
    <title>HTML Text</title>
    <p>Mike's favorite course is <i>"HTML Basics"</i></p>
      <strong>Mike T. Frog</strong><br>
      100 Lilypad Way<br>
      Portland, OR 97227

3 Answers

Instead of using the <i> element, use the <em> element.

Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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Cheo is correct, but you might like to know why the difference is important. MDN says:

By default, the visual result is the same. However, the semantic meaning is different. The <em> element represents stress emphasis of its contents, while the <i> element represents text that is set off from the normal prose, such a foreign word, fictional character thoughts, or when the text refers to the definition of a word instead of representing its semantic meaning.

For more details, see the linked MDN page.

Md Sumon Molla
Md Sumon Molla
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Hi Rahul

Thanks in advance. For "ITALIC" you have to use <em>some text</em instead of <i>some text</i> for more details you can have a look in this URL