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What is wrong? Why cant I reference color.rgb to a specific instance that I want the color to be?

For this task, make WifiLamp adopt the ColorSwitchable protocol. In the implementation of the method, simply set the color of the lamp to the new color.

// Declare protocol here
protocol ColorSwitchable {
  func switchColor(_ color: Color) 

enum LightState {
  case on, off

enum Color {
  case rgb(Double, Double, Double, Double)
  case hsb(Double, Double, Double, Double)

class WifiLamp: ColorSwitchable {
  let state: LightState
  var color: Color

  init() {
    self.state = .on
    self.color = .rgb(0,0,0,0)

  func switchColor(_ color: Color) { 

let wifilamp = WifiLamp(state: .on, color: