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what is wrong with my code?

var i; for ( var i = 2; i => 12; i += 1) { console.log(i) }

i need it to print 12 times from 2 to 24.

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Brandon Oakes
Brandon Oakes
Python Web Development Techdegree Student 11,499 Points

The challenge wants you to print every even number between 2 and 24 into the log. Your code says I =2 and run this loop if i is greater than/equal to 12, which will never happen then.

The code below says: for var i=2 (this 'i' variable currently equals 2)

run this loop while i is <= 24 (less than equal to 24)

i+=2 (and add 2 to every time, so that when I is printed each time in the for loop it will be 2, then 4, then 6, etc until i is greater than 24)

 for ( var i = 2; i <= 24; i += 2) { 

Let me know if this helps

Thank you!

When you use for loop the var inside the loop is local to that loop.

Breakdown 4 steps

1 var i = 2. Starts the varivale with value of 2

2 i < 24 condition true as 2 is less than 24 (when false the loop will stop step 3)

3 ++2 or +=2 this will increment by 2 the var i that you declared in the loop. . 4{} code block will run each time the loop condition is true.

Thank you!