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What is wrong with my code?

Is something wrong with it?

string language = Console.ReadLine();
    if(language != "entry")
          language = "False";

Console.WriteLine("C# Rocks");

What are you expecting the code to do? The code you have written does exactly what you wrote. You store the user's input, then check to see if language isn't "entry" then write to the console "C# Rocks". Are you expecting something different?

1 Answer

The Challenge asks you to write to the console "C# Rocks!" if the user enters "C#"

// get users input
string language = Console.ReadLine();

// Check to see if the value referenced by language is equal to C#
if (language == "C#")
  // Write to the console C# Rocks! if the above condition is true
  Console.WriteLine("C# Rocks!");