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What mistake did I make? let greeting = "\("Hi there"), \(name), \(finalGreeting)"

I watch the video over and over again and tried may different veriences of what I think the answer should be. What mistake did I make?

// Enter your code below
let name = "Devin"
let finalGreeting = "How are you?"
let greeting = "\("Hi there"), \(name), \(finalGreeting)"

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Ryan Groom
Ryan Groom
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Devin Goodson This time it wants you to use concatenation, not interpolation. It is asking you to concatenate "How are you?" to the end of your string called greeting and store that entire result into a variable named finalGreeting. It is important that you also include the "." and space after the person's name. Your end result should look like this:

let name = "Devin"
let greeting = "\("Hi there"), \(name)"
let finalGreeting = greeting + ". How are you?"

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank you. I misunderstood the question.