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Lachlan ∆
Lachlan ∆
8,026 Points

What PHP Modules and Requirements Would This Code Have?

Hi, I have a website on a Ubuntu VPS and I'm trying to query two servers for information. However, I didn't write this code and not sure what it requires as it is not working. This code does work when I test it on my local machine however.

  function query_source($address)
    $array = explode(":", $address);

    $server['status'] = 0;
    $server['ip']     = $array[0];
    $server['port']   = $array[1];

    if (!$server['ip'] || !$server['port']) { exit("EMPTY OR INVALID ADDRESS"); }

    $socket = fsockopen("udp://{$server['ip']}", $server['port'], $errno, $errstr, 1);

    if (!$socket) { return $server; }

    stream_set_timeout($socket, 1);
    stream_set_blocking($socket, TRUE);
    fwrite($socket, "\xFF\xFF\xFF\xFF\x54Source Engine Query\x00");
    $packet = fread($socket, 4096);

    if (!$packet) { return $server; }

    $header                = substr($packet, 0, 4);
    $response_type         = substr($packet, 4, 1);
    $network_version       = ord(substr($packet, 5, 1));

    if ($response_type != "I") { exit("NOT A SOURCE SERVER"); }

    $packet_array          = explode("\x00", substr($packet, 6), 5);
    $server['name']        = $packet_array[0];
    $server['map']         = $packet_array[1];
    $server['game']        = $packet_array[2];
    $server['description'] = $packet_array[3];
    $packet                = $packet_array[4];
    $app_id                = array_pop(unpack("S", substr($packet, 0, 2)));
    $server['players']     = ord(substr($packet, 2, 1));
    $server['playersmax']  = ord(substr($packet, 3, 1));
    $server['bots']        = ord(substr($packet, 4, 1));
    $server['status']      = 1;
    $server['dedicated']   =     substr($packet, 5, 1);
    $server['os']          =     substr($packet, 6, 1);
    $server['password']    = ord(substr($packet, 7, 1));
    $server['vac']         = ord(substr($packet, 8, 1));

    return $server;



$count = 0;
$max = 0;

try {
    $ts3 = TeamSpeak3::factory("serverquery://XXXX:XXXXXXX@XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:10011/?server_port=9987&use_offline_as_virtual=1&no_query_clients=1");
    $status = $ts3->getProperty("virtualserver_status");
    $count = $ts3->getProperty("virtualserver_clientsonline") - $ts3->getProperty("virtualserver_queryclientsonline");
    $max = $ts3->getProperty("virtualserver_maxclients");
catch (Exception $e) {


Thanks, any help would be much appreciated.

3 Answers

Codin - Codesmite
Codin - Codesmite
8,600 Points

<? Is shorthand declaration for <?php It is bad practice to use it though as it shares the same declaration syntax as XML.

For example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

A lot of web servers have "short_open_tags" disabled by default because of this issue which is probably why the code did not work on your webserver.

Although if you are using PHP 5.4+ you can use the shorthand <?= As this does not clash with XML syntax and has been seperated from "short_open_tags".

Codin - Codesmite
Codin - Codesmite
8,600 Points

Looks like standard PHP to me, do you get any errors when using the code on your web server?

Lachlan ∆
Lachlan ∆
8,026 Points

I was using <? instead of <?php where I declared the code in another file. It's all good now