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What’s wrong with my code?

Don’t know why it’s not working...

// Enter your code below
let firstValue=2
let secondValue=10
let product=firstValue * secondValue
let output= "The product of 
\(firstValue) times \(secondValue)
is \(product)"

2 Answers

Kevin Tanner
Kevin Tanner
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I believe it’s your spacing after output. If you remove the space after output= before “The. it should work because the spacing before and after the = needs to be the same.

Philippe Duvin
Philippe Duvin
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It seems that you forget about spaces and the one missing after output is causing the error. Also in general, it looks like using spaces everywhere is more readable like so :

let firstValue = 2 let secondValue = 10 let product = firstValue * secondValue let output = "The product of (firstValue) times (secondValue) is (product)"