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what should be the code for challenge 1 for finding the length of TEXT, I have tried different methods

first of all I have put SELECT title, LENGTH (title) AS "longest_title" FROM books ORDE BY DECS; However it is keep giving me an error. Can you please help me?

Tommy Gebru
Tommy Gebru
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Hey Sevdiye you have some typos in the code you shared but KRIS has some great hints to get you going :thumbsup:

If you havent already worked through this challenge, your solution should look like this

SELECT title, LENGTH(title) AS longest_length
FROM books
ORDER BY longest_length DESC

Thank you Tommy and Kris.

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Some hints:

  • the alias for longest title is "longest_length"
  • You can order by this alias: ORDER BY longest_length DESC
  • You will need to limit your results to one record