C# C# Basics (Retired) Perform Converting Strings to Integers

Mukhtar Al Maden
Mukhtar Al Maden
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what should I do to pass this?

I couldn't pass I tried several different things and ran out of ideas

string heightInput = "168";
int.Parse.heightInput= 168;
int height = int.Parse;
Fredrik Rönnehag
Fredrik Rönnehag
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You're close.

You need to parse the string heightInput to convert it to an integer.

Then store that int in an int variable named height.

int.Parse() is a method that you can add a parameter to.

string heightInput = "168";
int height = int.Parse(heightInput);

// Declaring the new int height, then initialize by the = sign, making it equal to the value from the int.Parse(heightInput) method.

// Sidenote: If the string isn't parseable by not containing numbers to form an int. The program will crash.