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General Discussion

Deleted User

What Should I learn Next? Experienced Developers Please Help!

Hi there,

Ever since my successful foray in blogging in 2004-2007 (I was 14 at the time I started my first blog and became a problogger in late 2006) I've been hooked to blogs, the web, and entrepreneurship. I knew deep inside me that only if I work in this field I will truly enjoy my work.

At 18, when I decided to attempt and learn HTML/CSS seriously, I said to myself "It's too late, there are 18 years olds that already do things that it'll take me years to learn"..the same happened at 20 and at 22, when I discovered TreeHouse but gave up when I got to Ruby on Rails (it seemed so complicated!)

I want to make sure I don't give up this time, and so I figured a clear direction into what I want to learn is crucial.

I know some HTML, some PHP (a LOT of messing with Wordpress), and some Photoshop.

I guess I want to learn something more functional than aesthetic?

I'm looking for a language that will help build web applications, mobile applications, functional websites with complicated stuff.

Help..? where should I start?

8 Answers

James Barnett
James Barnett
39,199 Points

I'd suggest you check out the Become a Web Developer learning adventure. It will teach you how to create web applications with Ruby on Rails.

Although I'm not an experienced developer, I find that I'm in a similar situation as you. I'm nearly 25 and seem to have the same experience. I know some html, css, a little php. Enough to be dangerous. I've built a basic Intranet site for a previous company(html, php, css, mysql) that wouldn't stand on its own on the Internet and some personal lightweight image galleries(no logic, just tweaking code until it displayed properly).

I honestly think the best place to start is the beginning. That's what I've been doing, and even though it's stuff you "know", I've been learning new things and remembering things I've forgotten. Tips, tricks, best practices etc. It's a great refresher and if it is really basic/stuff you've nailed down, the first level videos aren't that long and are easy to fly through regardless.

Just my two cents. Wherever you start, good luck!

Deleted User

I would recommend learning ruby on rails because of the power that it has..What I did was watch through the videos on here and pick up as much as I could while designing treebook..

Although it felt very overwhelming I went on to start reading from http://ruby.railstutorial.org/chapters/filling-in-the-layout#top this article and saw that I had picked up a lot more than I thought and then realized that I was reviewing in a sense and started to understand the simplicity of the language. That's what worked for me but everyone has different learning curves..Use as many resources as you can and read as many articles, that will ensure that you start to catch on quickly.

David Poindexter
David Poindexter
Courses Plus Student 1,690 Points

I would second what James posted. That's about as thorough and complete a roadmap as you can hope for.

If you go through each of those challenges/badges and still have questions about what to learn next, feel free to ask again. But I'm betting your next set of questions would be vastly different.

Good luck!

Stephen Biggs
Stephen Biggs
6,259 Points

I would suggest learning from varied resources to give you a broad range of education on a technology. Once you have finished with the Treehouse Ruby/Rails content, I would highly suggest checking out http://onemonthrails.com I can't recommend this short course enough.

I agree with James as well.

In April, I bought myself a Treehouse subscription as a mini-birthday gift for myself. I spent the summer learning HTML/CSS and the Fall/Winter learning Rails. I've been quite surprised (pleasantly) with just how much I've been able to learn from the Treehouse courses and Googling whenever I didn't know something.

I'm currently working on two projects for as an independent contractor with a college bud who knows Rails a bit better than I do. The pay is decent and its' enabled me to spend the majority of my time learning.

Matthew Mascioni
Matthew Mascioni
20,444 Points

I second what James is saying. Become a Web Developer would probably really help you. I'm in no way an experienced developer, but Treehouse has helped me a lot. It's never to late to start at the beginning; just set some time aside each day and learn something new.

Besides that, even if you know stuff like PHP, go over their courses again. It's amazing what you can actually miss in your own learning that Treehouse seems to cover.

As James said, we've designed something exactly for this situation: the Become a Web Developer Learning Adventure. Hope that helps!