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What text editor do I use to open the htdocs? Do I have to download Netbeans or Eclipse?

What is Randy Hoyt using???

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So.. one of the most popular FREE ones is Notepad++.

However I believe it is sublime text (3). It's actually free to try, for an unlimited time. It has fantastic support for plug ins, so you can customise your working environment.

The eclipse is an integrated development environment (IDE ) and may be overkill whilst you learn, cos of distractions.

It is personal to each developer. However I really recommend sublime text. You can open the htdocs as a folder to easily navigate files on the left hand side. And edit them in the main window.

Thanks, stef2! I appreciate the link to download too. Worked great.

Jacob Baumgartner
Jacob Baumgartner
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Treehouse and I generally use Sublime Text. It is an editor that supports many different languages.

Now, htdocs is a folder not a file. On a local server it can be opened with your finder (on mac) or explorer (on windows). If you are talking about a hosted website then you will need FTP software such as cyberduck or filezilla (both work great). From there you need to input the server, user, and password to connect to your site and then you can navigate to the htdocs folder.

Sublime Text is defintly a good option. But if you use it, be sure to pay for it! Sublime ins't ment to be free, it's just free to evaluate..

Personally, i'm using the Atom Editor. It's an hackable open source editor built by github:

Microsoft recently released their open source version of visual studio code. It is similar to Atom:

Another option would be brackets built by Adobe. Its also open source and has some nice built-in features like live preview..

Or if you want to go with an IDE, i would recomend phpstorm by jetbrains: (paid)

There are of a lot of good possibilities, i would recommend to test them and stick with your favorite one.

Happy Coding :)