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What topics would you like TeamTreeHouse to teach in relation to JavaScript besides just the foundation?

Would you like to see the TeamTreeHouse to show us how to manipulate data using JSON? I personally find challenging to use data in my applications. Would you like them to add more topics such which libraries can we integrate in our projects? What about JQuery deferred? What is that. What would you like TreeHouse to add to their library? What about a walk through the JQuery.com site? I think this will help a lot of software developers working on real time data interchange application. What do you think TreeHouse?

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Ooops! APIs too!

AJAX and JQuery would be really cool to learn!

I really want to get into javascript more, so maybe a big project based mostly on Javascript/AJAX/JQuery would be really neat!

James Barnett
James Barnett
39,199 Points

JSON is pretty easy to use once you know JavaScript. Basically JSON is merely a JavaScript object retrieved via an asynchronous request.

I made a short demo that shows how to get a list of Treehouse badges using JavaScript to retrieve and display the JSON data from a Treehouse profile.


The magic here is the "data.badges" part obviously. The "data" part, comes from the variable name we passed the function when we called the getJSON function and the "badges" part comes from the structure of the JSON data that the Treehouse API returned to us.

How do you know what the structure of that JSON is?

You look at it using a JSON viewer like the one at jsonviewer.stack.hu. To see what the JSON looks like that we are getting in this example go here: http://jsonviewer.stack.hu/#http://teamtreehouse.com/jamesbarnett.json and click on the 'viewer tab'

You can read more about JSON in this tutorial on what is JSON and how does it work

A jQuery Foundations deep dive would be awesome. I believe I've taken all the JavaScript-related courses, and the points tally up to 777. Compare that to PHP, which is at 1,361 and counting (I need to finish the WordPress Plugin course yet).

Building an Interactive Website does cover a lot of the JS/jQuery stuff I'd do on a normal website, but I feel like there's still a ton I need to learn about jQuery, even though I've been using it for over a year now.

And, as several answers above me suggested, a project that uses Ajax would be nice too. We have the Treebook Rails courses that use some Ajax, but those are a little too advanced for starters. Maybe building a forum with JS/jQuery, PHP, Ajax, and MySQL would make for a good project.

But a lot of the courses that have come out recently are just incredible. I especially like all the recent additions to the Design library. Usability Foundations, Design Foundations, HTML Email Design, Logo Design: one great course after another (though I still can't grasp how we can be in the 21st Century and, at the same time, use tables for layout). And Sass Basics and Framework Basics both look amazing, too.

Anyway, the bottom line is this: Treehouse is awesome. JavaScript is awesome. Put them together, and what do you get? More awesome.

Thanks again, Treehouse!

James Barnett Thanks for this :) I really enjoyed the json reader you put on codepen :)

Ryan Duchene I love the Forum project idea! Would be really neat :)

James Barnett
James Barnett
39,199 Points

A forum using PHP instead of Rails is no less complicated.

I agree, but I find PHP is easier to learn compared to rails.

I guess it's just like I feel that PHP is simpler to understand than Ruby when it's written out in an editor. Plus, with Rails, you don't really get to create the innards of something; most of them are already in place. While that's certainly not a bad thing, I feel that building an app (like a forum) from scratch is very rewarding because it teaches how complex and intricate these apps are and gives you a fairly good understanding of how similar apps work.

Good day TreeHouse Team and members, Thanks so much for your replies and specially for the suggestions and demos! I am very excited to learn more and look forward to deep dive into more learning adventures to increase my proficiency and to gain new skills. Please feel free to keep suggesting more topics and as some of you say, TreeHouse is fantastic!

Another thing, if you guys are the type of learners who work efficiently by working in groups, feel free to contact me and to share any tools that can facilitate learning, debugging, deploying applications we develop. :) Thanks again!

James Barnett, thanks for that JSON website. i will take a look at it for sure!