What's possible with Django

I'm beginning the django track and I have a couple of questions about how certain features click together.

Firstly, django seems like an engine for getting and requesting data from a database but is it possible to run scripts in a django app. For example can a script run for all users of the app at 8pm each day and carry out some functionality. If so can someone point me to a source where I can read up a bit more on how to do this it would be great!

Also, I'm interested in machine learning and data science in general. How does the code you write to analyse data plug in with your django app? Does it exist somewhere entirely different and the app serves the data in a restful approach?

Again, I'm new and just looking to learn about how the pieces of a web app click together.

Thanks in advance for any responses,


Chris Freeman
Chris Freeman
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There are some scheduling suggestions in this StackOverflow post. They discuss setting up your own command, using celery to schedule tasks. A customized solution is also presented.