Python Python Basics (2015) Letter Game App Even or Odd Loop

What's wrong with line 4? Also do you see anything else that needs work?

Can you please help me?
import random
def even_odd(num):
    start = 5  
while 5 = True:
    random.randint(, 99)
    start -= 1
if return not num % 2:
    print("{} is even".format(num))
    print("{} is odd".format(num))

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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There are a number of issues on that line:

  • you can't assign something to a number
  • the assignment("=") was probably intended to be a comparison ("==")
  • a number will never equal the boolean value True
  • the loop should be checking the value of "start" instead of a fixed number
  • when checking a value for "truthiness" you just name it and not compare it to anything

Some other hints for this challenge:

  • don't modify the provided "even_odd" function
  • but you can call the function to test your numbers
  • do all the new work outside of the function
  • be sure to give "randint" two arguments
  • everything that is part of a loop body must be indented more than the loop itself

I don't get what I am suppose to do? Please explain in more detail.