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whats wrong with my code

Now I want you to make a subclass of list. Name it Liar. Override the len method so that it always returns the wrong number of items in the list. For example, if a list has 5 members, the Liar class might say it has 8 or 2. You'll probably need super() for this.
import random

class Liar(list):
    def __len__(self):
        truelength = super().__len__()
        if truelength > 1:
            return random.ranint(1, 100):
            return random.randint(1, 100:

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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You have a few syntax errors:

  • "ranint" instead of "randint" (with a "d")
  • missing close parenthesis on last line
  • stray colon characters at the end of the return statements

And why perform a test if you will do the same thing for either condition?

But also consider that a random number isn't guaranteed to be incorrect. And the challenge didn't say anything about the result needing to be random (just wrong). So if you were just to alter the truelength the result would always be a lie.