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Begana Choi
Begana Choi
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what's wrong with my code?

my code kept making an error. I can't get where my code's problem is.

const userNames = ['Samir', 'Angela', 'Beatrice', 'Shaniqua', 'Marvin', 'Sean']; // Result: [{name: 'Samir'}, {name: 'Shaniqua'}, {name:'Sean'}];

const users = userNames .filter( user => user.charAt(0) === 'S') .map( user => ({name}));


1 Answer

the error that your code is making is because the "name" inside the map function is not defined, it's nothing. to solve the problem you need to add the value return value of the map function after the name to make it an object literal. Try this:

const userNames = ['Samir', 'Angela', 'Beatrice', 'Shaniqua', 'Marvin', 'Sean']; 
const users = userNames.filter( user => user.charAt(0) === 'S').map( user => ({name: user}));