Python Python Basics (2015) Shopping List App Shopping List Introduction

whats wrong with my code? it is only adding one item in the list

make a list to hold on to our items

shopping_list = []

print out insturctions on How to use use the app

print("what should we pick at the store?") print("Enter 'DONE' to stop adding things")

while True: #ask for new items new_item = input("> ")

if new_item == 'DONE': break

#add new items to our list shopping_list.append(new_item)

# be able to quit the app # print out the list print("here is your list")

for item in shopping_list: print(item)

Marcus Yow
Marcus Yow
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Well I just ran your code and it worked. Just check to make sure you don't have any syntax errors and that your code is properly indented.

1 Answer

I ran it and it work no errors. It should give you error if you can post that it would help.