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Juan Ignacio Scopp
Juan Ignacio Scopp
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When did the ComicBookLibraryManager method get coded?


I don't remember working on this solution before, did the teacher code the GetComicBook, GetContext and other methods on previous videos?

I'm a bit lost on how those methods came to life, could a bit of background be provided?


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Ole Vølund Skov Mortensen
Ole Vølund Skov Mortensen
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First, ComicBookLibraryManager is NOT a method it's a NameSpace. It defines your application folder/Solution. The answer is simple. GetContex() method was a method made beforehand and your teacher encourage you doing the course to write his code for him. to put it simply, the GetContext() method Instantiate an instance of The context class so as to make use of DRY Principle it also make the code cleaner for each time you need to a table from the Context. The GetComicBook() method returns a single comic entry and all the table info in realtion to that comicBook table. the method should have been made in an earlier course about building a C# console app.