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Ritam Saha
Ritam Saha
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When entering amount of tickets wanted, it loops back into the while loop making it impossible to complete the purchase

import time


tickets_remaining = 100  
tickets_remaining = int(tickets_remaining)
while tickets_remaining > 0:
  print("There are {} tickets remaining.".format(tickets_remaining))

  name = input("What is your name?")
  tickets_requested = input("Hello {}, how many tickets would you like to buy?".format(name))
  #Expect a ValueError to happen and handle it
      tickets_requested = int(tickets_requested)
      if tickets_requested > tickets_remaining:
        raise ValueError("There are only {} tickets remaining".format(tickets_remaining))
  except ValueError as err:
      print("Oh no, Please make sure that the value you entered was a number, try again.")
    if tickets_requested > 1:
      ticket = "tickets"
      ticket = "ticket"

      total_cost = tickets_requested * TICKET_PRICE
      total_cost = str(total_cost)
      #output price to screen
      print("The total cost for {} {}, is ${}".format(tickets_requested,ticket,total_cost))

      proceed = input("Would you like to proceed? Y/N")
      if proceed.lower() == "y":
        print("SOLD! Purchase confirmed")
        tickets_remaining -= tickets_requested
          print("Thank you {} for your time. Goodbye".format(name))

print("Sorry, All the tickets are sold out.")

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Ritam Saha
Ritam Saha
1,198 Points

I found out the issue.I had bad indention on the part where it asked if i ordered more than 1 ticket and it would only run if i had bought 1 ticket