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When he says refresh the page is there a refresh button within the work space or does he mean the browser refresh?

I feel silly for asking, but where is he refreshing? Every time I use the browser refresh it erases everything I've done and I have to start over. His seems to just be refreshing the work he did. I'm using a Mac so if there's a keystroke command for it I'd like to know.

Jillian Lee
Jillian Lee
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There is no such thing as a silly question! 😃 Usually "refresh the page" is just referring to a browser refresh, and depending on the program you're writing, it would start you back at the beginning of your program sequence (i.e. prompt to enter a value, etc.). If you're using the coding workspace, all of your code should still be there. When you make an edit to your code base, you have to save (CMD S) your work in the workspace, and then refresh the browser to reflect the changes you made in the code and test your work. Make sure your work is saved on each file in the workspace. You have to go to each individual file type (.html .js etc.) and save it in order for your changes to be reflected in the browser when you refresh. You'll see a red dot on the file tab at the top of the workspace page if something has been edited but not saved. Hope this helps!

Thank you! I wasn’t saving each individual file first so that will make a difference.

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Manoj Gurung
Manoj Gurung
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its so sad that this problem exisits, refreshing doens't do anything