PHP Build a Basic PHP Website (2018) Building a Media Library in PHP Using PHP Code on Our Site

Philip Dodd
Philip Dodd
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When I click on one of the pages before writing any code i get the error code Not Found

during the video she says to go to the web page, and starts clicking around at the pages and the info shows up on her end but for me when i click on the other pages i just get this error message. "Not Found

The requested URL /catalog.php was not found on this server."

Also i have noticed that there are areas in the work space are all ready filled out, where in the video those areas aren't filled out. For example there are li elements with an a tag inside them, the href already has a url defined catalog.php?cat=books, were as in the video the href is set to #. Also this is the first time i have done this video, and it shows that this course has not been done yet, as well.

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Cindy Lea
Cindy Lea
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I dont know if this is part of your problem, but my understanding is you have to be a PRO member in order to get the files. Some of the files are pre-filled and then you can follow along during the videos & continue coding. If you are not a Pro member I think you have to create the files from scratch....not sure.

We haven't created those files yet, that's why they can't be accessed yet.