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Suzanne N
Suzanne N
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When to use EM of REM?


I am new here and come from a completely different work sector, so perhaps my questions are a bit easy to answer. ;) I am now working on CSS with great enthusiasm, but I still have a few questions about EM/REM:

  • I can't find a clear answer to when you're using EM or REM?

  • When do you add the above in the writing process? Right at the start or doesn't it matter?

Thanks in advance!

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Stanley Nkosi
Stanley Nkosi
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If you can check the MDN Web docs,under the heading CSS values and units. I t explains clearly the EM & REM. EM is the same font-size of the current element.( 1em=16 pixels.) EMs are the most common relative units that you will use in Web Development.

REM-The rem (root em) works exactly the same as the em,except that it will always equal the size of the default base font-size. Just check the MDN Website.