Brad Woods
Brad Woods
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When typing text in photoshop, the text appears to be way too big for the font size.

I have a canvas size in Photoshop of 1000px x 1000px. A set a font size of 16px and type on the canvas. The text that comes up is huge (a sentence has the width of the canvas). Has anyone come across this before/ know how to fix?

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Sean T. Unwin
Sean T. Unwin
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You may want to check a couple of settings that deal with scale.

  1. Text Tool scale - check if set to 100% for Vertical and Horizontal Text scale settings
  2. Transform Tool scale - check to see that the object is 100% width and height (ctrl+T / cmd+T for Transform Tool) Transform Tool scale
Nabil Kamel
Nabil Kamel
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Hey Brad,

Your document size in px (pixels) and your font sizes probably in pt (dots/points) which are two different units. The point or dot (pt) unit is proportionally equivalent to meters or inches.

In your document's settings, if you set your canvas on 1000x1000px at 72dpi (web). Then, the text will appear as you expect it to appear on a web browser. You probably are now at 300dpi (print).

To set your font size unit in px you can go to Photoshop>preferences>units&rulers and set your text unit to pixels.

(sorry for my weak english, i'm from Belgium)

Hope it helped..