Ruby Ruby Loops Build a Simple Contact List Hash and Array Iteration

Daniel Frehner
Daniel Frehner
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When using the each method on an array of hashes , is it possible to use each on the var the hashes are assigned to?

I dont know why this code is not passing the test, when I run it in workspaces it runs perfectly fine and the expected outcome prints on the screen. any reason why this isnt passing the test? is it just a glitch in the program?

contact_list = [
  {"name" => "Jason", "phone_number" => "123"},
  {"name" => "Nick", "phone_number" => "456"}
contact_list.each do |contact|
  contact.each do |x, y|
    print "#{y}"

1 Answer

Hi Daniel,

Here's better solutions for this question without additional stuffs.

Hint: Local variable called contact and then print out name & phone number (keys)

contact_list.each do |contact|
  puts contact["name"]
  puts contact["phone_number"]