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Design Web Typography Final Project: Create a Typographic Site Getting Started: HTML and CSS

Alanto Monteiro Jones
Alanto Monteiro Jones
10,816 Points

When working with typography which is better practise:

When working with typography which is better practise: creating the text first or creating an overall design of the site?

3 Answers

Mattox Shuler
Mattox Shuler
Treehouse Guest Teacher

Hey Alanto, I think it's both, and it depends on what kind of site you have. The typography can inform the overall design and the design can inform the typography. If you're creating a heavily typographic site then type might play the leading role, whereas if the site is more illustrative or photo-heavy then type might play a supporting role in informing the design.

It'd say both are best understood through a content-first or "content-out" approach.

A common approach in content-first design is to do things first through Haml with a Markdown Filter, Markdown, or something similar first with core visual figures/photos marked up like the following:

# Main Heading 

<img src="http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2011/068/1/9/1942fe56a8bb06a1337838ce621ae685-d3b9wi6.jpg" />

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After this step, It's then common to generate the html version of such content with the correct hieararchy of sectioning HTML5 elements (header, main, aside, section, article, & etc) and other semantic elements (b, strong, ruby, & etc) applied.

This today also includes the correct WAI-ARIA annotations.

Then you establish the base styling of the website based on such markup.

With such things accomplished, it is then approrpiate to most proponents of such an appraoch to think about overall layout after various rounds of sketching/ideating what you now see from the content you're representing on the web.

Such an appraoch ensures your typography can adapt optimally for a variety of contexts, accomodate the content effectively, and be more progressively enhanced more easily than other approaches.

This also allows you to be as aware of your contraints based on the content as much as possible before investing a considerable amount of time on things less concerned with the content such as background-images, grids, and so on.

This incrementally allow you to make more informed decisions on the overall design of the site, including content-out layout (grids based on the ratios and dimensiosn of the content).

I think to create the overall site first maybe because you then can adjust the typography depending how it would look but it may be vice versa .

Or you can create one page and see how this will look and change it.

Hope this could help .