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Where are we sending the data?

I understand that the data is being sent thanks to the post function, but how does the server know what to do with this data. Where is the server going to save it? I suppose that after submitting a form, the data should be saved in a database sorting it out to the right categories. For example: the name of a user should be sorted out in a "names" database or something like that.

Here it just seems that we are sending the data to the air.

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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:mailbox_with_mail: Hi, I got your request.

About 2 minutes into the video, Dave says, "We don't have a server side program in workspaces that can process this request." And then a few seconds later reminds us, "...this won't work for you without a web server.*

But if you did have a server, it could be programmed to save the information into a database.

Steven Parker Can you help me with this doubt I have?