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Abdülhak Gözegir
Abdülhak Gözegir
4,689 Points

Where Do I Practice Android Coding ?

I forget some details easily and I cannot write the codes from the beginning. I'm always looking at a hint.

codingbat.com, is there any android version of this website or small projects to do practice ?

Please help me, I want to code better, faster and entire project by myself.

3 Answers

Android is very large and it's impractical to think that you'll ever know "everything". When it comes to programming and building applications, nothing will help you more than just getting your hands on the keyboard. Learning how to read/use the Android documentation is important. This will help you when it comes to building a new application that may include a certain feature that you've never had to work with before.

I highly recommend using the developer training at Android: http://developer.android.com/training/index.html

I also recommend something like thinking of your own "simple" application and working on it. Break down your application idea into simple manageable projects and tackle each problem individually. This is how most developers work and is how each course/track on Treehouse is designed.

Lastly, Ben Jakuben will sometimes post an Android Forum Contest which can help kickstart some ideas for simple applications. Even though these contests have passed, challenge by doing some of these!

Keep coding!

Abdülhak Gözegir
Abdülhak Gözegir
4,689 Points

Thank you for replying.

I looked at the android documents. It is a bit different from Ben's lessons. The order confused me but I guess I can handle it.

As You and Ben Watkins, I should focus on the idea; how it works, what is the purpose of writing this code.

Moreover, I didn't know that Ben Jakuben post Forum Contest. I will follow him, thank you.

I would say that I'm suprised because I wasn't expecting people give help me with all details. I'm apreciated, thank you

Before I suggest some projects, I want to make it clear that it's okay to struggle. Making mistakes is part of learning.

One of the great things about programming, is that you get each thing you do wrong explained to you and each bug is one step closer to becoming a coding ninja! You've also got an ocean of help and resources available to you (the internet).

You mention that you cannot write lines from the beginning, for this reason It may be best to instead further learn Java itself.

I recommend the beginner java tutorials from "thenewboston" on YouTube. You can find his beginner Java tutorials here and after, you could even watch his intermediate Java tutorials.

Following along with this basic text adventure game tutorial may also be good for further developing your skills in Java itself. You could even try turning it into an android app that uses buttons and textviews!

As it has been mentioned above, getting stuck in, really is the best way to learn. Make something! Don't worry about what, just think up some crazy idea and work out how to do it.

First, watch this lecture from Harvard University to learn about algorithms and pseudocode. Next, write out the pseudocode for the algorithms the app might use. Think of all the possibilities and work out which is the best, or the easiest for you to develop.

Thirdly, jump into Android Studio and develop it!

Once you've developed the app, consider writing about how the app works behind the scenes. The purpose of explaining the app's algorithms is to understand your code inside and out. Doing this will ensure you're understanding the Java code you write. While this may seem pointless, it could quite possibly be the best way for you to remember how Java works.

After all your hard work, show it off to friends and family with an emphasis on the fact that YOU built it. This is a very important step, as their amazement will be a great motivation for you to continue on your path to becoming the ultimate android ninja! :D

Have fun!

Abdülhak Gözegir
Abdülhak Gözegir
4,689 Points

Thank you for replying.

The youtube lessons are good for me because It continues step by step. I will study Java before I start the next couse.

I use ADT bundle because lessons are going so. I didn't notice there is important different between them.

I got the idea. I should make the codes more meaningful, and learn how it works as you and Ernest Grzybowski.

I also wonder that there are workshop similar to the android courses. Is it help me ? I cannot see now because I'm not pro member now.

I'm suprised because I wasn't expecting many people reply me and give detailed information to me. I am appreciated.

Nicholas Vandenbroeck
Nicholas Vandenbroeck
4,599 Points

Just think of little projects on your own. Like creating a todo list app. You learn the most from creating your own projects.

Maybe you should learn Java properly before moving on to Android programming?

Abdülhak Gözegir
Abdülhak Gözegir
4,689 Points

Thank you for replying.

Hmm I see, but is it a problem that I look some details while creating an app.

I have had studied Java basics from learnjavaonline.org before start the android tracks. You mean do practice on Java ?