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Christopher Parke
Christopher Parke
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Where does this dance thing come from???

All of a sudden there is a dance todo in postman. I don't have that. Did he type it in offscreen? God I hate that.

Hey Christopher! I was having the same problem until I figured out a solution.

Step 1: Check inside app.js and define the parser before the router.

app.use('/api', router);

Step 2: In POSTMAN when POST-ing, make sure that the body content is submitted as JSON (application/json) and not as Text as it is by default.

I hope this solves your problem.


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Jonathan Cousins
Jonathan Cousins
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He had it written off screen and pasted it in.

Here is the json he wrote:

  "name": "Dance",
  "completed": false

Note: Make sure you change the post body type from Text to JSON (application/json).