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Adebayo Samuel Ojo
Adebayo Samuel Ojo
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Where is class "list"?

Kenneth created a new file call Inside this file, there is class Hand(list). My question is, where is the class "list" which Hand is extending? I don't think any class was created with the name list. So why was he extending a class that was never declared anywhere?

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Jeff Muday
Jeff Muday
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The "list" class that Kenneth is subclassing is the native Python standard list class.

You are already familiar with square bracked notation for instantiating an empty list.

x = []

and this is equivalent to instatiating with the Python standard list class.

x = list()

The actual source code is implemented in 'C' language and is compiled to native binary for your particular platform. In case you are curious about this code. I linked the repository below.