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JavaScript Object-Oriented JavaScript (2015) Constructor Functions and Prototypes Playlist Project

Where is the connection between the Song and Playlist objects?

A few people expressed confusion around the play() and stop() functions being called on the song within the array of playlist songs. I have a similar question, but it hasn't been answered by the existing comments

In the below code, we define the Playlist constructor function, and one of the properties is an array of songs. I understand that this array is meant to be a collection of Song instances, but where exactly is that relationship defined?

function Playlist() {
  this.songs = [];
  this.nowPLayingIndex = 0;

Then, when we use the below code to define the variable "currentSong" how does the program know that the variable has anything to do with the Song constructor? As far as I can tell, all we're doing is assigning it to an array within the Playlist constructor, but I don't see a connection back to the Song constructor

Playlist.prototype.play = function() {
  var currentSong = this.songs[this.nowPLayingIndex];

Finally, when we call the commands "currentSong.play()" and "currentSong.stop()" I am confused as to how the program understands that currentSong is allowed to utilize the play() and stop() functions that are defined in the Song constructor, if there's no relationship established anyway in the code

Thanks very much for clearing this up

Sanjay Tailor
Sanjay Tailor
6,816 Points

Thank you for asking this. I had the same confusion... Great answer as well. Thank you

1 Answer

Seth Shober
Seth Shober
30,240 Points

Admittedly I haven't taken this course, so I might be missing some pieces, but I think I understand the overall logic as to what is being accomplished. Prototype chains can definitely be confusing at times, but are important to master because they are the power and beauty of JS. Here we have a Playlist constructor function that you have defined at the top.

When you create a Playlist with the new keyword like, myPlaylist = new Playlist(), it adds the properties of the Playlist constructor to the myPlaylist object and gives access through prototypical inheritance to the prototypes of Playlist. What the new keyword also does is create a new this value, which in our case will associate the context of this with myPlaylist. You mention the songs array inside of Playlist and being curious about how it is associated with the Song constructor. Well, it actually isn't associated at all, but rather each song inside the array is.

You see, each song in the array was created by new Song(), and that means each song has access to the play and stop prototypes given by the Song constructor. What the currentSong variable is actually doing is grabbing a specific Song object (or child of Song).

So, in the end, we are looking up the Song prototype chain, not the Playlist prototype chain, and calling play() on Song. Again forgive me if I'm missing something from the exercises, or if I'm not completely grasping this, but does this make sense?

Seth, it took me some time to follow your logic, but I finally understand this! Your explanation was exactly what I needed, so thank you for taking the time to help me with this

For anyone else still following this logic, below is the code in which we use the "new Song()" construct that Seth mentioned in his original answer. It now makes sense to me why each song within the songs array has the properties and methods in the Song constructor

var playlist = new Playlist();

var hereComesTheSun = new Song("Here comes the Sun", "The Beatles", "2:54");
var walkingOnSunshine = new Song("Walking on Sunshine", "Katrina and the Waves", "3:43");

Seth Shober
Seth Shober
30,240 Points

Glad I could clear that up for you. Thanks for providing some visuals for my thoughts.

Sanjay Tailor
Sanjay Tailor
6,816 Points

Thank you Seth for this explanation... This clarified my confusion... Thanks!