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while Loops

In this challenge, you will create a while loop that prints to the document 26 times. We've added a variable named count, use it to track the number of times the loop runs. Don't forget to use the document.write() method inside the loop.

var count = 0;
while (count < 26) {
  var randNum = randomNumber(1);
  document.write(ranNum + 1);  
  count += 1;

1 Answer

Richard Verbraak
Richard Verbraak
7,712 Points
var count = 0;

while (count < 26) {
        count +=1;

Not sure why you added extra variables but the above loop works as follows:

  1. Count is set to zero
  2. The code block inside the loop will run while count is less than 26
  3. The loop executes the code block since count is less than 0
  4. The loop itself writes the count variable to the document and increments the variable with 1 each time
  5. The while loop ends when count isn't less than 26

Thank you Richard