Whoops, look like something went wrong VS ErrorException Laravel

I am following their tutorial what do I see their video presentation when they get any of error its showing colorful black screen on right side. and tell you the top "undefined variable" etc etc...

What I am trying to follow their tutorial everything work property fine. I noticed mine is different error by said "Whoops". It does not tell me the details where is the error. I am using the Window PC after I downloaded and open the composer and Vagrant without the Virtual Box. It was fine work. Have any one experience through this before? Is that normal?

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Nicholas Mejia
Nicholas Mejia
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You've got a problem with your config file. It's currently set for production mode. You need to go into your App folder in your laravel project, then in the config folder, open up app.php with a text editor and change the debug function to look like this:

'debug' => false,

Happy coding!