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Thanitsak Leuangsupornpong
Thanitsak Leuangsupornpong
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Why 0.0 is not float? Why the complier chooses it to be double?

I am just curious, because as I know there is also the keyword "float" that can store decimal point. Thank you in advance

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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Microsoft chose the default type to be double when creating the language.

Here's a clip from an old Microsoft language specification:

If no real type suffix is specified, the type of the real literal is double. Otherwise, the real type suffix determines the type of the real literal, as follows:

  • A real literal suffixed by F or f is of type float. For example, the literals 1f, 1.5f, 1e10f, and 123.456F are all of type float.
  • A real literal suffixed by D or d is of type double. For example, the literals 1d, 1.5d, 1e10d, and 123.456D are all of type double.
  • A real literal suffixed by M or m is of type decimal. For example, the literals 1m, 1.5m, 1e10m, and 123.456M are all of type decimal.