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why add bin in bin/rails or bin/migrate ?

I was wondering why did you add the bin with the rails and migrate? whats it for? any info here helps

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Stone Preston
Stone Preston
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at 13:52 he says he uses bin/rails that " because we're wanting to use the specific Rails tied to our application".

What happens when you type rails is that bash (the shell program running inside your terminal window" looks at your PATH variable and goes through all the directories in that path looking for a command called rails. When it finds it, it executes the program.

The problem is that if you could have multiple rails versions and it might not find the one you want to use. using bin/rails guarantees that it uses the version you want since its the rails thats in the bin directory of the current project

Hi thank you for your very quick and very informative answer really helped a lot! and thanks again