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Why are SQL workstations NOT saved in my workstations page on

Other languages provide this feature, e.g. Python workstations are all there

Also, I've noticed that the SQL workstations lack certain features like being able to Rename the Additional Queries that I have generated (mainly playing around to do some additional learning).

As a result, I have to open up a text editor in order to save these custom queries as scripts on my PC's hard drive.

Were you thinking of adding features like this?

Thanks for that great lessons!

1 Answer

Workspaces can be a bit buggy.. It is hit and miss. As a precaution I always save my work.

The SQL playground did a good job of saving my work in the next course on that track "Querying Relational Databases"

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your advice! How did you like Querying RDBs? Is it a little more difficult than reporting? I thought basics and reporting moved a little too slow.